Splatbook 84 – Defending the Home Hearth (Guest Starring DM Aulddragon)

Sharpen your axe and do not abandon your post in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer, Cory and Brian and their guest host,  as they delve into the worlds of the dwarves once again. After a round of emails, they get things in gear and move out. First they start off with a review of the Hearth Guard Kit from the Complete Book of Dwarves, then they discuss the “stereotypical” dwarven personalities and how to move away from them if one wishes to. From there they delve into the Forgotten Realms supplement Dwarves Deep, dissect the classic D&D monster the Gnoll, and wrap things up with a in depth DM Brainstorm, where they come up with a Dwarven Stronghold of their own.


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Email from Christopher Spatola (asked for why do you guys like 2e?)

Email from Gerhard Hartel (question about dealing with veteran players)


People Skills – Hearth Guard (Complete Book of Dwarves)

Rule Zero – Dwarven personalities/hatreds

Option Package – Dwarves Deep

Snipe Hunt – Gnolls

DM Brainstorm – Dwarven Stronghold

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