Splatbook 87 – Eye of Death, Hand of Doom (Guest Starring Richard Lee Byers)


The dark side beckons in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Cory along with a returning Richard Lee Byers as they delve into the lore of one of the biggest big bads out there, Vecna! After a round of emails and finding out what Richard is up to, the gang delves into the darkness. First up they cover the Eye and Hand of Vecna, then the gang fulfills a request of one of the listeners by doing a compare and contrast of the Vecna Lives and Die Vecna Die adventures, and then wrap up the show by discussing Vecna’s stats as a greater god.


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Email from Alexander Davis (Henchmen and hirelings, game prep and hosting)


Email from Kris Wegert (opinion about Menzoberranzan, Menzoberranzan campaign memories)


Email from DM Mark (Ravenloft questions)

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