Splatbook 89 – Things Must Go Boom and Splat!

Make sure you pack plenty of glass rods and bat guano for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Cory, Fulongamer and Brian as they unlock the secrets of one of the most beloved schools of magic, Invocation/Evocation! After answering some emails, they get down to business. First they delve into the invocation/evocation school of magic, then from there they discuss gearing up the wizard to help make him more useful to an adventuring party. Then they investigate the world of slimes, then knock off with a DM Brainstorm about a wizard’s tower.


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Email from DM Doug (unique spell flavor/how to handle highly intelligent characters/DM Cory and Unseen Servant)


Emails from Robin Sneek (campaign idea for using a Helmed Horror/opinion about the deadliest adventure published for 2e)


Magic Fingers – Invocation/Evocation School

Loaded for Bear – Spec Gear: Wizard

Snipe Hunt – Slimes

DM Brainstorm – Wizard’s Tower

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