Splatbook 90 – Various and Sundry IX


Its yet another mixed bag for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian Cory and Fulongamer as they tackle the topics du jour. After emptying out the mailbox, the boys get to work. First they discuss the Beastmaster Kit from the Complete Ranger’s Handbook, then move on to a Dragon Magazine article about magical curses. Third, they confront the fearsome red dragon, then wrap up with a review of the Return to the Keep on the Borderlands module.


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Email from DM Shade (praise for DM Brainstorm segment, picture he drew while listening to the show… if you wish to view the image, please go to our Facebook page)


Email from DM Gux (using an alternative system for initiative, players changing their actions in combat)


Email from Bryant Hudson (the DC AD&D comic book series)


People Skills – Beastmaster Kit

Magic Fingers – Curses (Dragon #229)

Snipe Hunt – Red Dragon

99% Perspiration – Return to the Keep on the Borderlands

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