Splatbook 94 – The Mightiest of Magics (High Level Magic)

We’re taking it to the max in this episode! Join DMs Cory, Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they explore the limits of magic! After a bout of emails, they get down to business. First they break down the True Dweomers, and then discuss a classic D&D magic item, the Staff of the Magi. From there they dissect the Magebane, and bring it to a close with a Brainstorm!


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Email from Travis “Harmbringer” Nicholson (Use of quicksilver against lycanthropes, roll20.net’s dice roller)

Email from DM Yaron (DMing a campaign based on a hook from a previous episode, request for Cory to DM a game at Pennsic)

Email from Jim Cook (DM Brainstorm praise, enforcing passage of time in time-sensitive adventures)


It’s In The Book – True Dweomers (10th level magic)

Magic Fingers – Staff of the Magi

Snipe Hunt – Magebane

DM Brainstorm – Seaside Cliffs