Splatbook 96 – Strong Like Bull!

We’re pumping up for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer, Brian and Cory as address strength. After a round of emails, the boys get right to the workout. First they analyze the half-ogre, then tackle a pair of spells that enhance Strength. From there they examine the Strength-draining Shadow, and finish their set with a Brainstorm.


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Email from JC Smith (Campaign using “The Inheritance” adventure, previously reviewed)

Voicemail from DM Cal (Tips and tricks for interconnecting the PC at the start of a game or campaign)

Email from Lon Varnadore (Return to the Keep on the Borderlands, Dragon minion/cannon fodder questions)


People Skills – Half-Ogre (Complete Book of Humanoids)

Magic Fingers – Strength enhancing spells (Strength, Improved Strength)

Snipe Hunt – Shadow

DM Brainstorm – Bandit Group with a Half-Ogre leader