Splatbook 98 – Various and Sundry X

Another randomly generated episode! Join DMs, Brian, Glen, Fulongamer and Cory as they break out the grab bag once again! After answering some emails, the fellas take care of business. First they cover the Guardian Kit from the Complete Ranger’s Handbook, then they discuss another classic offensive spell, Ice Storm. After that they get down and dirty in the swamps with the Black Dragon, and then bring it home with an article from Dragon Magazine about how best to run your BBEG without making him omnipotent (unless of course you’re into that kinda thing).


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Email from Eff Dee (Character death/DM running PCs/Players not showing up to games by design)

Email from Eff Dee (Weather and its effects on PCs)

Email from DM Gravedancer (Favorite Supplement not made by TSR)


People Skills – Guardian (Complete Ranger’s Handbook)

Magic Fingers – Ice Storm

Snipe Hunt – Black Dragon

DM’s Rag – Evening the Odds – Eight Ways to Tame the Dark Overlord (Dragon #221)