Splatbook 99 – The Halloween Show 2014 (Guest Starring Richard Lee Byers)

Make sure to leave the light on in this episode! Join DMs, Cory, Glen Fulongamer and Brian as they have another Halloween-themed show (and only two months late! Yay!). After finding out what Richard is up to and answering some emails, the guys get right to it. First they cover the Deathslayer Kit from the Complete Necromancer’s Handbook, cover two necromantic spells,Scare and Animate Dead, give an in-depth analysis of the mummy, and Brainstorm a Haunted Mansion.


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People Skills – Deathslayer Kit (Complete Necromancer’s Handbook)

Magic Fingers – Scare/Animate Dead

Snipe Hunt – Mummy

DM Brainstorm – Haunted Mansion