Episode 153 – Dilettante!??! Yer Mom’s a Dilettante!

Episode 153 – Dilettante??!? Yer Mom’s a Dilettante!

Were’ working two jobs for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they bring you more 2e goodness! After answering some emails, they get on with it. First, they complete their ten-part In-Depth series on character classes by talking about the gains and drawbacks of running multi-classed characters, look into the spell Improved Haste by request (then talk about Improved Slow just because), then bring things to a close with the haves and must-haves for an adventurer’s starting gear.

Email from DM Neff (Phaerimm/Myth Drannor questions/Improved Haste request)

Email from Chris (2e errata sources on the internet)

Email from DM Alex (preferred style of fantasy world/request for an AP)

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People Skills – In-Depth, Part Ten: The Multi-classed PC

Magic Fingers – Improved Haste/Improved Slow

Loaded For Bear – The Adventurer’s Starting Gear (Different Totes for Different Folks, Dragon magazine #191)