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DM Glen


DM Glen, a dyed-in-the-wool Angelino who for some reason is in Oklahoma, started roleplaying back in 1980-81 with 1st Edition AD&D. Since then he has bounced around among many systems such and Champions and Call of Cthulhu. He always returns to the Classics, though. Having cut his teeth on AD&D, Basic was a bit foreign to him but he caught on fast and has embraced his Inner Grognard. Glen feels that when he plays 2e its like finding that favorite pair of old slippers, and putting them on, Its JUST RIGHT.


DM Brian


Brian was born and raised in Connecticut, and has been playing RPGs since 1981, and is a self-admitted, dyed-in-the-wool 2e player and DM. He currently lives in Michigan.



DM Cory


Cory is from PA and can be considered the Dean Martin of this podcast (google it folks, Dean Martin fits). Cory is quick to dismiss a rule, and make up a rule that makes sense to keep the gaming going on.




DM Fulongamer


Fulongamer’s background is a mystery to all as he serves in the armed forces. Fulongamer is like a book, he can cite a rule from memory or use his skills to create almost anything needed for the show topic in a mere second. Fulon is a man or mystery to some, and a fountain of information to others.