Splatbook 104 – The DMs Grilled!

We’re breaking out the Hibachi for this episode! Join DMs Brian, Cory, Fulongamer and Glen as they tackle the hard questions. After a round of emails, they fellas get right to work. First they have a discussion on which class is most subjected to min-maxing or is overpowered, then have another about bringing characters from another game or world into a campaign, then bring things home with a debate about spells and artifacts and balancing them for a game.


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People Skills – Which classes do you find are min-maxed.overpowered?

Option Package – Bringing a character or kit from another game into your world: What do you do?

Magic Fingers – What spells/artifacts are game breakers? How do you handle it?


Email from Eff Dee (elven chainmail and thief penalties)

Email from DM Gravedancer (appropriate time or level to give out magical weapons to PCs)

Email from Eff Dee (attempted correction of the hosts on two-weapon fighting)

Announcement from Cory: Winners of the drawn bookmarks (DM Laz, Eff Dee, DM Doug)