Splatbook 119 – We Start Playing Favorites!


We start to find out what we love the most in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they name a few of their favorite things! After a round of emails, the guys get right on it. First the discuss the merits and pitfalls of legacy items for PCs, then move on to an adventure in Dungeon magazine, Ancient Blood. From there they conitnue the series for beginning DMs, and then bring it home with a new segment called Playing Favorites.


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Rule Zero – DMTech II: My Father’s +1 sword (a.k.a. My family hand-me-down magic items)

DM’s Rag – Dungeon #20 – Ancient Blood

99% Perspiration – Tips for Beginning DM’s Part Five: Time Passes (Passage of time, What goes on before, during and after the PCs are on adventure)

Playing Favorites – Top Five Splatbooks


Email from DM Alex (Dice Accuracy)





Email from DM Gravedancer (DM Screens)


Email from DM Freddy (Ankheg lightning breath question)