Splatbook 132 – This Place Is Legendary….

The sage has been paid well in this episode! Join DMs Cory, Brian, Fulongamer and Glen as they explore a legendary place of their own creation. First, they tackle some emails and then get to work. The fellas do an overview of the Tome of Magic supplement, then uncover an seldom-used spell Leomund’s secret chest, and Brainstorm about a legendary place.


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Option Package – Tome of Magic

Magic Fingers – Leomund’s Secret Chest

DM Brainstorm – The Legend Of… (place)


Email from DM Sasha (psionics questions)

Email from DM Freddy (dual-classing thief with paladin; messing around with multiclassing)

Email from DM Sean (Brainstorm request about a part of a previous Brainstorm)