Splatbook 139 – Don’t Mack On Another Player’s Fiance! (Guest Starring DM Julie)

We shalt not covet in this episode! Join DM’s Cory, Brian, Glen and joining us for a second time, DM Julie, as they cover the various topics of the day. After responding to an email, they move on to the matters at hand. First they discuss the mage’s best friend, the Bracers of Defense. From there they cover the stone wolf, and then come to a close with a discussion of gamer etiquette.

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Email from DM Jack – What happens to a revenant when its target dies before it can wreak its vengeance?

Magic Fingers – Bracers of Defense
Snipe Hunt – Stone Wolf
99% Perspiration – Gamers’ Etiquette, Part Two (edited so we would not lose our iTunes rating)