Splatbook 154 – Forgotten Realms #10: Baldur’s Gate

We return to Toril for this Episode! Join DM’s Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they take another look at the Realms. After answering a round of emails, the guys mount up and ride. First they take a look at the Swanmay as a PC class, discuss the Resurrection spell, and delve into the Baldur’s Gate entry from the venerated Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast.

Email from Grotrex76 (Handling PCs from another campaign setting)

Email from DM Jack (Herbalism NWP and non-magical healing/Debilitating injuries and diseases)

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People Skills – Swanmay (from the Complete Book of Humanoids)

Magic Fingers – Resurrection

DM’s Rag – Baldur’s Gate