Splatbook 161 – Scrappy-Doo Ain’t Got ^@#& On Me!

We’re spoiling for a fight in this episode! Join DMs Fulon, Brian and Glen as they scratch your itch of 2e goodness! After answering some emails, they get right to it. First they cover the kobold as a character race, then talk about the mage’s best friend, the Staff of Striking, and then wind things up with a discussion about the Carrion Crawler.

Email from Michael Robinette (2nd Edition in the Navy, Reacting differently to characters when re-reading novels, playing good vs. evil in games)

Voicemail from Cojo (Just busting our stones)

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People Skills – Kobolds (Complete Book of Humanoids)

Magic Fingers – Staff of Striking

Snipe Hunt – Carrion Crawler

Tomes of Legend – Forgotten Realms Avatar Trilogy