Splatbook 162 – Good Ol’ Mordy

We’re delving into the archmage’s spellbook in this episode! Join DM’s Brian, Fulongamer and Glen as they whip up another batch of 2e goodness! First, they start going into spells attributed to the Greyhawk archmage Mordenkainen, dissect the gelatinous cube, and bring things home with an overview of the Icewind Dale trilogy.

Email from DM Keith (Positive feedback, words for Fulon, invitation to game in his area)
Email from DM Randy (Lack of recent gaming experiences, request for a third or fourth guest on the show, gaming history)

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Magic Fingers – Mordenkainen’s Encompassing Vision
Snipe Hunt – Gelatinous Cube
Tomes of Legend – Icewind Dale Trilogy