Splatbook 176 – Wow, That’s A Pretty Color Blue!

Sorry we hid away for so long, but we’re back! Join DMs Fulongamer, Glen, Brian and Cory for another helping of 2e goodness! After reading a couple of emails, they turn to matters at hand. First they conclude the Mordenkainen’s spell run, then they explore the mysteries of the sapphire dragon, and finish things off with a Brainstorm about a monster from a previous episode.

Email from Norm (trying to figure out the version of D&D to run for his kids, RPG gaming history)

Email from DM Oscar (Praise for the hosts and Keith, ruling on illusions and crystal balls)

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Magic Fingers – Mordenkainen’s Disjunction

Snipe Hunt – Dragon, Sapphire

DM Brainstorm – Wereraven Aerie