8 thoughts on “DM Brian in da house!

  1. All right! Nice looking theme you guys. WordPress is a lot easier to use than Joomla. Looking forward to seeing the episodes listed again! I’ve only downloaded up to #12 and still have a ways to go! 😀

    1. #25 is being edited, now.. Glen’s computer died on him a couple of weeks ago, and he had all the bumpers and stuff.. He just now had gotten all of his stuff off of the hard drive. We did #26 and #27 last Sunday and we’ll be doing #28 and #29 this Sunday. Hang in there, they’re coming!

  2. Good to hear that more shows have been made, I really love your show and all your advice on gaming!
    Also do you know if Cory will be coming back to the show?

    1. Cory is working like the proverbial dog these days, so he asked for a leave of absence from the show.. We hope that he makes a full-fledged return, but we are planning to at least bring him back for the Forgotten Realms show we have planned. Hang in there!

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