Splatbook 33 – It’s All In Your Mind….

Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they delve into mysterious (and controversial) world of Psionics! After a large batch of emails, they discuss the Complete Psionics Handbook along with the Psionicist class, then they bring in the changed rules for psionics in the Player’s Option: Skills and Powers supplement. From there they talk about using psionics against non-psionic creatures, and wrap it up with a Snipe Hunt for Illithids, better known as Mind Flayers.


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Hits and Crits – Multiple Emails

Option Package – Complete Psionics Handbook

It’s In The Book – Psionics in Skills and Powers

Rule Zero – Psionics used against non-psionic creatures

Snipe Hunt – Illithids

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