Splatbook 37 – Various and Sundry IV

It’s all hands on deck for this mixed bag episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian, Cory and Fulongamer as they dive into a couple of emails before turning to the topics du jour. Then, they discuss the various methods of creating backgrounds for PCs or NPCs and continue Whole Cloth that was started last summer, only with Cory and Fulon joining in. From there they talk about one of the most dangerous (and rewarding) magic items in the D&D multiverse: the Deck of Many Things. After that, a rousing conversation about the dangerous Doppleganger take place, and then they wrap things up with a discussion about an oft-maligned adventure in 2e, Terrible Trouble at Tragidore.

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People Skills – Character Background Methods
Whole Cloth – Creating Characters, part III: Choosing the class and proficiencies
Magic Fingers – Deck of Many Things
Snipe Hunt – Doppleganger
DM’s Rag – Terrible Trouble at Tragidore (DM’s Screen adventure)

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