Splatbook 39 – The Devil You Know…

Join DMs Glen, Cory, Brian and Fulongamer for this devilishly good episode! After listening and discussing a voice mail from longtime emailer DM Cojo regarding kits and new emailer regarding the Deck of Many Things, they get down to the meat and potatoes. First they continue the Whole Cloth series by selecting the Weapon Proficiencies and Non-Weapon Proficiencies, then they dissect (verbally) the Tiefling. After that, they discuss the necessity of creating new Non-Weapon Proficiencies and how to do so, then have a brief debate regarding the 2e spell damage cap. Finally, they talk about the Baatezu, better known as Devils from previous.

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Rule Zero – Whole Cloth: Creating Characters IIIa: Choosing the Proficiencies
Its In The Book – The Tiefling
People Skills – Making New Proficiencies
Magic Fingers – The Magical Damage Cap: For or Against?
Baatezu (2e Devils)

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