Splatbook 47 – Various and Sundry V

Its yet another grab bag of topics! Join DMs Glen, Brian, and Fulongamer as they attack this buffet of randomly selected topics! After tackling a few emails concerning game balance, The Sword of the Dales adventure trilogy and doling out experience points, they get to the main courses. First up they present part 2 of the PC Alignment discussion, but this time they talk about it from the DM’s perspective. Following that, they opine about the ways they balance role-playing and action in the games they run, then from there they discuss the main two Polymorph spells, and then they cross the finish line with a review of the Deck of Encounters.

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Rule Zero: PC Alignment, Part II: How do you run it? (DMs)
It’s in the Book: Balancing action and Role-playing: Is it a juggling act?
Magic Fingers: Polymorph Spells (Self, Other)
DM’s Rag: Deck of Encounters, Sets 1 and 2

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