Splatbook 52 – Descending into Undermountain..

We return to the Realms and head straight for the Yawning Portal in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Cory and Brian as they gird their loins and descend into one of the biggest and deadliest dungeons ever made. After answering a voicemail from long time contributor DM Cojo, they take a trip to visit the elves in the Elves of Evermeet supplement, then they wander over to the archery range and discuss the finer points of the different kinds of bows in the game. From there they talk about the dark naga and the various ways to use them, and then after enough stalling they dredge up the courage to take on the Ruins of Undermountain boxed set.

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Option Package – Elves of Evermeet
Loaded For Bear – Bows (long/short/composite)
Snipe Hunt – Dark Naga
Gettin’ Out of Dodge – Ruins of Undermountain Boxed Set

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