Splatbook 55 – Cresting Dragon Mountain

You’re on belay, so start climbing in this episode. Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they near the summit of Dragon Mountain. After spending a great deal of time answering an email from the moderator of Planetadnd.com about paladins and assassins (and combining the two), they discuss how they as DMs handle how they “upgrade” PCs magical items. Then from there they talk about an old D&D favorite, the ioun stone, and then they get down and dirty with the campaign supplement, Den of Thieves. Finally, they finish the show by wrapping up their discussion about Dragon Mountain.

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Rule Zero – Magic Item Balancing: When its time for the Party to upgrade.

Magic Fingers – Ioun Stones

99% Perspiration – Den of Thieves

Gettin’ Out Of Dodge – Dragon Mountain, Book III

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