Splatbook 75 – The Eyes Have It! (Guest starring Richard Lee Byers)

Shine up your mirrors and practice dodging lots of eyebeams in this episode! Join DM’s Brian, Cory and Fulongamer, along with special guest Richard Lee Byers as they interview him and talk about beholders! After a bout of emails, the guys get right to work by interviewing Richard, who gives his take on Forgotten Realms and the challenges of writing in a gaming world milieu. From there they move on to the topic of the day. First they do an overview of the beholder, then immediately afterward they discuss the spell abilities in their eyestalks. From there they discuss the concept of beholder societies, then wrap things up with a review of the first volume of Monstrous Arcana; I, Tyrant.


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Email from Doug (plea to Cory to run his game on Unseen Servant/request for “PC” guests on the show)


Voicemail from DM Cojo (2e supplements that were never made [e.g. Oriental Adventures, other complete books for specialist wizards, updated Legends and Lore])


Voicemail from DM Laz (The Horde boxed set and The Horde supplement)


People Skills – Interview with Richard Lee Byers

Snipe Hunt – Beholders

Magic Fingers – Beholder stalks and spell abilities

Rule Zero – Beholder societies

DM’s Rag – Monstrous Arcana Vol I: I, Tyrant

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